Sunday, March 21, 2010

Elections and Erections

Yesterday was election day here in Tassie. The beautiful old school hall that is the regular venue for the Handmade Hobart Market was being used as a polling booth - so rather than forfeit such a great opportunity to promote this fledgling market, we decided that a relocation to the outdoor area adjacent to the hall was in order.

This was my first outdoor market stall and I was a little nervous as this involved not only braving the elements (which are notoriously unpredictable here in Tassie), but also grappling witth a marquee (intended to tame said elements).

Thankfully my neighbour, Elizabeth Brookes (aka Libby the fur lady - my pet name for her - get it) was on hand with her "mallee bull shoulders" and marquee expertise and the erection was complete in no time!

I had a lovely day with lots of laughs, lots of sugar(mmm...muffins, cupcakes), lots of customers, and lots of little helpers (mainly all under the age of 5...).

Some of Libby's fur pillows. I am definitely not a fur person, but took comfort from the fact that they are made from upcycled vintage fur coats (I even touched one towards the end of the day!).

 And my favourite little zombies made by HiiRagi were there as well. I just love these little guys.


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Your stall looked fab as usual. Glad it was a successful day!

Olivia Mitchell said...

Can we see photos of your helpers? Cake faces and all??

whatkatiedidnext said...

you want me to put them on this post? can do if you like

Fairy Goat Mumma said...

Your photos look fab Katie - love the new set up.
See you tomorrow xx