Monday, July 26, 2010

A Few Newbies

Some of the pretties I have been making recently. They (along with lots of other goodies!) we be available for sale at Salamanca Market this week x x x

fabric studs (A$15.00 a pair)

clippies (A$8.50 a pair)

p.s. If you are not able to get to any of my markets or retail outlets and are interested in purchasing any of my range, please feel free to send me an email ( and we can sort out something for you x x x


Adriana said...

They're beautiful!
You've been very busy.

Hope to see you on Saturday.
May the sun shine on Salamanca...
Until about 4pm - then it can rain!

Fairy Goat Mumma said...

nice one monty - how do you get such nice clear photos xx

We'll come and see you this weekend

ruby dawn said...

Very pretty. And beautiful pics. Well done!