Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rosehip & Co

So the little guy and I took a "roadtrip" to Richmond (Tasmania) today to drop off another order at Rosehip & Co. I had not had the chance to visit the store yet (it has only been open a couple of weeks) and was excited to check it out...

And, oh my goodness! It is gorgeous! Tucked into a perfect little spot in the courtyard next to the Bakery, owner Sherri Coomer has done an amazing job creating a delightful little store full of really really really nice stuff.

Here's a little sample:
Nice huh?

AND, What katie Did Next gets her own little stand on the front counter. Love it!

The stock has been selling really well, so I am looking forward to lots more visits to this gorgeous store in a gorgeous part of the world.

And I think the little guy will be happy for some repeat visits to the "duck capital of Tasmania" too!


Rosehip & Co - Homewares and Gifts
Shop 8/50 Bridge Street
Richmond, Tas, 7025


Sara said...

Nice photo

Moags and Smeet said...

Awesome - looks great! :)
~ Laura (Moags)