Sunday, June 27, 2010

Screen Printing Class

Yesterday I attended a beginners screenprinting class. My ultimate plan being to design and print my own fabrics for my jewellery and accessories. It was a hoot, with lots of giggles (fabric dye fumes??), and heaps of help and encouragement from fellow participants. It was a lovely vibe and many gorgeous prints were produced. 

First up, I printed this t-shirt for the little guy.
I cut the stencil from a photo I sourced of a dear little birdy sitting on a tennis net. 

 He was quite popular and a couple of the other participants asked if they could do a print of him as well.
This is Mira's version of him on a black apron. We called it the "gin and tonic" shot - you can just picture him kicking back after a long match with a tiny G & T watching the sun set...

Next I made this ginkgo leaf design. I photocopied multiple images of the leaf sillouette, cut them all out, mucked about for a while arranging them onto a single page, photocopied the whole lot again, and then cut cut cut,...

This is the image on the ubiquitous tote bag:

 Here it is repeated on a European pillow case (which is now stuffed with a huge pillow and has pride of place on our bed):


Here is a gorgeous friuty print done by Fiona:

 This is Audrey's birdy tree:

So much fun, so many ideas!


Anonymous said...

Kate, you are truly talented.

Ruby Dawn said...

Clever girl. i love the bird.

Daniel said...

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Narelle Badalassi said...

look like you have a bit of a knack for screenprinting Kate!
lovely designs

Adriana said...

Beautiful designs Kate.
I look forward to seeing more!